Increasingly, kids are eating an unbalanced diet. Junk food dominates the school meals menu. Kids are not getting the right nutrients to help them grow, concentrate at school, and stay healthy in adult life.

Kids are getting fatter. 15% of all kids under 11 are now obese. Fatter children are more likely to stay obese into adulthood, leading to serious health problems. Scientists believe this may be the first generation to die before their parents due to ill health.

More and more of children's daily food intake is snack rather than meal based. Inevitably, this means a diet biased towards unhealthy foods. And many young kids don't know how to lay a table or use a knife and fork.

Teachers report that bad behaviour peaks around lunchtime, after kids have just eaten processed food high in sugar, salt, fat and a cocktail of other additives. Growing scientific evidence suggests that a junk food diet has a negative effect on behaviour.

Families and young people today simply don't know enough about food and nutrition, making it difficult for them to make better choices about their diet.