Jamie Oliver started this campaign after realising how little kids today know about food. How things taste. What vegetables look like. Where ingredients come from. And how to cook basic meals from scratch.

Why is this? Jamie believes it's because children no longer learn about food at school. And, thanks to convenience foods and snacking, preparing and eating family meals together doesn't happen enough at home.

School dinners are at the heart of the problem. The food in most schools doesn't meet standard nutritional guidelines. When Jamie sent an email to head teachers nationwide to ask if something needed to be done, over 2,000 replied YES.

Last year, Jamie went to Greenwich council to see if they would be prepared to work with him to change the food in their council-run schools. He started work as a dinner lady in a secondary school with twelve hundred pupils and with their head cook Nora developed a whole new range of dinners which are cooked from scratch with fresh ingredients everyday. These meals are now being rolled out into all the other schools in the area.

The result is that kids in Greenwich are now eating real food and all the recipes and hints and tips on how to introduce them into your school have been compiled into the Feed Me Better pack.

Now all we need is you! Get your school involved and help kick-start a School Dinner revolution across the country.

You can make it happen!

Since we launched we've had lots of messages of support for the campaign, including a few from people you might know!

"We think Jamie's new campaign to sort out school dinners is fantastic. We remember what we used to eat in school and it was pretty awful, one junk food meal after another. It's so important to get the message across to the kids of today that eating well means feeling well and on top form. Although junk food tastes good, it's bad for you and can make you moody and spotty too, not a cool look! Basically if you want to look good and feel great, it's important to eat the right foods and have a healthy and balanced diet, full of vitamins and nutrients, and one that tastes pukka too. Good luck Jamie, we are right behind you!"

"Jamie's new campaign to overhaul School Dinners is a fantastic idea. The food we used to have at school was just rubbish, if it wasn't burgers it was nuggets, and chips went with everything - so bad for you!

Junk food doesn't do anyone any favours, it can give you mood swings and make you spotty too. It's so important to eat the right kind of foods and where better to start than at school - if Jamie can get kids eating a balanced diet that is tasty and healthy, and full of nutrients and vitamins, then good on him. Think what it would do for the kids' brainpower!"

"Jamies's campaign to tackle school dinners is great. I remember some of the food we used to have at school and it was pretty awful. We all know that junk food is bad for you, it may taste good but eating chips and burgers every day won't make you feed good and won't help your physical appearance either.

If you want to look good and perform well and at the peak of your fitness, it's vital to eat the right foods and make sure you eat a healthy, balanced diet.

As a footballer I try to steer clear of rubbish foods and make sure I eat a nutrious diet packed full of vitamins, protein and the right carbohydrates. Follow Jamie's example and you'll be fit and fine!"

"I would just like to say a big thumbs up to Jamie for all the hard work he's doing to encourage kids to eat more healthy food. In order for me to perform at the highest levels under the most extreme conditions, I need to be on top form both physically and mentally and that is helped though a balanced diet and good exercise. If you eat well, having you minimum five fruit and vegetable a day, trust me you'll feel more awake, fit and healthy. I hope more schools try and take a leaf out of Jamie's book and try to change the eating habits of a generation, good luck Jamie!"

"I think Jamie's School Dinner's is a fantastic idea. It's so important that children eat foods that give them all the nutrients they need whilst they are learning at school and leading active lives. My parents always taught me about the benefits of healthy eating whilst I was growing up, which I have never forgotten! Jamie's the perfect person to encourage children to eat well; he's so enthusiastic and someone the kids can really relate to."
(Photography: Sebastian Pearson)