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Feed America Better

September 27, 2005

Hi guys,

I'm in the US at the moment and have been working with a family here to show them how they can feed themselves better. You can catch me on The Today Show every day from 27 to 30 September - I'll be cooking with the family, taking the kids to the farm and lots of other stuff. Find out more on The Today Show's website. I'm hoping to show America how to quickly improve kids' meals!

If you're new to this site, you can find out exactly what we've been up to recently in the UK with the Feed Me Better campaign. Even though the campaign concentrated on UK schools, the same principles can be applied to improve meals wherever you are.

You can join in the School Dinners forum on my website. I'd love to know what's happening with school meals in your part of the world.

Love Jamie O xxx

Gorringe Park Primary School

September 27, 2005

Hi guys!

Check out the school dinners website for Gorringe Park Primary School in Mitcham, Surrey. They're in their second week of cooking meals from my Feed Me Better starter pack for schools and the food looks great! Do keep us posted on what your school is up to - just click on the Get Involved button...

love Jamie O xxx