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Could you help fund our pack?!

February 23, 2005

We've worked with dinner ladies, nutritionists and teachers to create the FMB starter pack - packed with advice, tips and recipes to start a revolution in your own school dining room.

We really want to get this pack into as many hands as possible. We'd like to get it printed up and laminated so it's rugged enough to go straight into any school kitchen or classroom.

If you can help us fund this idea to get thousands of packs out to schools, please get in touch via the hotline, or via

Thanks in advance!

The FMB Team

Jamie's School Dinners airs tonight!

February 23, 2005

Just a quick reminder that the first episode of Jamie's School Dinners airs tonight on Channel 4 in the UK. Watch as Jamie works his magic in the school canteen - but will the kids like their new healthy dinners?

Feed Me Better takes to the streets

February 16, 2005

London's Leicester Square came to a near standstill yesterday as Jamie and a crack troupe of Greenwich dinner ladies dished out a selection of new tasty and nutritious school dinners to a hungry throng of kids and parents.

On the menu were Super Shepherd's Pie, Hot & Kickin' Chicken and Sweet Potato & Lentil Korma with sides of crunchy salad and rice. Yum yum. All were cooked for the same amount dinner ladies have to spend on each of their kids - a paltry 37p.

Also available, for comparison, were the usual school fare: cheap sausages, processed nuggets and greasy chips. The pigeons seemed to like them.

Feed Me Better launches today

February 15, 2005

Hi Guys!

This is Feed Me Better (FMB), the campaign website for Jamie's School Dinners which is my new TV series. I am setting out to prove that schools can serve fresh nutritious meals which the kids enjoy! Getting nutrition right for our school kids is a massively important issue. FMB will draw together teachers, parents, dinner ladies and anyone else who cares, so we can share ideas and work together to kick-start a revolution in school dining halls nationwide.

We want a policy that commits funding to improve school meals, children's health, and their ability to learn. With your support, we can make a real difference to the quality of food your kids get fed at school.

We've got loads of stuff happening over the next few weeks, so stay tuned. The four part TV series starts on 23rd February on Channel 4 at 9pm. We’ll have our free info-pack for schools available on the site and we’re also building up a database of schools who are already working for change so we can share ideas to help each other. Rolling news will keep you up-to-date with the latest school initiatives, campaign activities and your views.

Some things to do now:

Get involved
Find out more about Feed Me Better
Sign the online petition
Find out more about the TV show

Government to 'raise standards' of school meals

February 11, 2005

Parents will be the focus of a new drive to improve the quality of school dinners, the government has announced. Processed foods such as beefburgers, sausages and cakes will have to meet strict new nutritional guidelines, while a new independent 'school food trust', staffed by nutritionists and caterers, will advise schools and parents on standards.

The main points:

- tougher minimum standards for school meals from September 2006. Fat, salt and sugar content to be reduced.

- a new independent school food trust - comprising caterers, nutritionists, food industry and the food interest groups - to support and advise schools and parents

- new moves to empower parents to work with schools, improving standards and choice in meals and menus.

Here's Jamie's response:

'What kids get fed at school should be our number one priority if we are to stop the outrageous health problems of kids in this country. I've been working as a dinner lady for my new documentary and I've seen how important it is to get rid of the processed food that's become the staple British school dinner.'

He continues:

"The only way that I got school kids eating my freshly cooked meals was by banning junk food, and not giving them the choice. I'm disappointed that the government isn't prepared to do the same. Changing the way our kids eat is a huge task and will need the right commitment and proper money - the government needs to invest in both our kids and our dinner ladies."

We compiled our own White Paper on what we believe needs to be done to improve school meals - you can read the key points in this manifesto.