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we are about to start a food awareness week in the school. The children have been talking about food abit but are about to have a week of fun food ideas aswell as them learning without even knowing.
we are about to start a food awareness week in the school. The children have been talking about food abit but are about to have a week of fun food ideas aswell as them learning without even knowing.
We cook with the children regularly & last year we used the Waitrose Cooking Bus accompanied by Brian Turner and welcomed TV chef James Martin to school for a cooking day as part of our curriuclum week - Keeping Fit & Healthy. This years curriculum week is a multicutlural week and a cooking day making dishes from around the world is planned.
We use food, cooking and healthy eating as part of the curriuclum throughout the school.
i would like to think that from your t.v programe the county will see what i have seen from the last few years that what we serve our kids is little more than crap.
my mum was a school cook who retired due to the restraints put on her. but jamie knows all about that by now.
if jamie looks at these comments then he will know that he can confirm the details through my sister karen and richard thouroughgood.(family friends) i am a mum who doesnt rely on the school dinners giving my children the essential nutrition for a healthy life i still make sure that they have a balanced meal in the evening . i must admit i havent watched all of the programes as i could see that it was quite prodictdable, the way forward i see is education from the early years for both children and parents.
For the pas 5 years all students are taught about food and nutrition through specific food lessons. Students prepare practical dishes alternate weeks. The course is undergoing some major changes but we hope to maintain a strong practical approach.
We are working to achieve the National Healthy Schools Standard. As part of this all our children regularly review healthy lifestyles including making healthy food choices.
We have introduced a traffic light system of red, amber green colour coded food trays to help the children choose a meat, vegetable and carbohydrate choice each day
We are teaching our nursery children about real foods, we are getting them to plant thier own friut and veg in the garden as well as eating healthy snacks and dinners - the children are far more keen to try things if they have grown them themselves!
Ss Alban & Stephen InfantsAll pupils are served a healthy snack of fruit or vegetable at morning break. They are encouraged to drink plenty of water during the working day.
In lessons the children learn about keeping their bodies healthy and nutrition. They are encouraged to make a healthy choice at lunchtime.
We are promoting healthy snacks at break and teachig the chidlren about nutrition in assemblies and PSHE. We have a Healthy Schools award.
We discuss school dinners in school council which invoves all the children. We ecourage not force, children to try everything. Our cook tries to put a little of all veg/ fruit on plates to encourage trying new produce.

We are a part of fruit in schools and this has improved their choices. We also offer to the year 3 and 4 children.

My Foundation Stage class staff have snack that is related to the letter of theweek, so everything from quorn to courgettes, passion fruit to paw paw and pineapple are tried. This is very successful and they will try dips, savoury snacks as well. Yes bribery does sometimes take place!!

Other classes have lessons on food to encourage them to try a variety of food. This can be through religious education, science, literacy or design & technology. We also run an after school club for cookery.
We are cooking with the children and making healthy options such as carrot salad. We have also started an organic gardening club with the year 2 children and in the summer we hope to be eating the veg that we have grown.
Not very much, at the moment.
We have lots of posters around the school with pictures of fresh fruit and vegetables.Children learn what vegetables and fruit look like in their raw state (not just what they look like out of a can).They are taught that fresh fruit and vegetables are necessary for them to grow, learn and develop properly.They are also taught that such foods will help their immune system.A Gardening Club has been set up where the children are growing vegetables which they will then eat.They are having regular cookery lessons, which they enjoy!The free fruit is proving popular with the children.
As part the PSHE and Science curriculum our pupils are taught about healthly lifestyle, this includes looking at and preparing healthy food. Every pupil has the opportunity to prepare, cook and try the food they have cooked under different aspects of the curriculum. For example, as part of their Science work Year 5 look at the process of Bread making, this includes them making and tasting different types of bread. As a health promoting school we believe that it is important that our pupils understand the positive effects of a healthy lifestyle.