We need you. Now Jamie's a parent, he's realised how important it is to get kids eating properly, both at school and at home. And this is where you come in. By encouraging kids, talking to school staff, and staying up-to-date on the issues, you're in a great position to make a difference.

Here are some things you can do:

Check your school's dinners
Do you know whether your kids are getting fed the right stuff? What do they get for lunch? Do they get a balanced meal with protein, carbs and loads of veggies? Or is it pure junk? Any green on the plate? (And we don't just mean the odd pea!) Go to the school dining hall and find out for yourself.

Have you thought of helping out at lunchtime? Many schools, especially primaries, need assistance just keeping an eye on the kids and making sure they eat their meal. You can help encourage them to try something new and switch from junk food to the new healthy dishes when you get them on the menu.

On the other hand, if your school has come up with any great recipes or ideas to ditch the junk, then please let us know. Put your details on the website, tell everyone what you've done and how you did it.

Get your hands dirty
How is your school doing? Are the teachers, governors and catering staff aware of food issues? Do they understand the benefits of giving a balanced meal to their pupils, that it helps them to perform better at school, as well as ensuring that they have the right nutrition to grow and stay healthy into adult life? Do they need help changing their catering supplier, to find someone whith a positive attitude to improving school food?

Support them. Show them our info and recipe pack. It's stuffed with easy, cheap, nutritious alternatives to the junk that's served up in most dining halls. The links page has loads of other organisations which are also working to help you get better food into your school - check them out.

Spread the word
Tell other parents and PTA groups. Write a letter to all the other parents in the school to get a lobby together. Work out your own manifesto for changing things at your school and take it to the head, governors, local authority and anyone else who's involved in the food in your school. Don't take NO for an answer - its your child's future at stake here!

Only by working together can we make change happen.

Cook with your kids
Cooking food together can make a big difference. It's fun for a start. It also makes food interesting, introduces kids to new foods and flavours, and teaches them how to make better decisions about what they eat. Plus home cooked food is yummy.

Sit down to eat together
The rise of snacking and convenience food has led to a decline in food culture at home. Many families no longer sit down and eat a meal together. Some young kids don't know how to lay a table or use a knife and fork, let alone ahow to cook and feed themselves properly. You can change this.

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