To get things changed for the better we need the politicians to sit up and listen and work for change on our behalf.

As elected individuals, they have to listen when their constituents express concern about an issue. Whether in government or one of the opposition parties, their involvement is vital, and can increase the pressure on the current government to improve standards throughout.

So, we want you all to lobby your local MP and ask them to support the FMB initiative, and outline their own party's policy on the following:

  1. Increasing the minimum amount of money spent per child per day (currently 37 pence)
  2. Clarifying the current nutritional standards for school dinners so that OFSTED can inspect thoroughly
  3. Develop NVQ, or similar qualification for all dinner ladies to raise standards
  4. Making nutritional health a part of the national curriculum for all primary schools in England and Wales
  5. Ensuring that the needs of big business are not put before the needs of children with respect to catering organisations that supply schools

But how do you go about doing this?

Well, our friends at Write To Them can tell you who your MP is based on your postcode, and then allow you to send them a message directly from that website.

Note: You can use Jamie's five key points above as a guide, but please don't simply "cut & paste" it into the form - write something in your own words. MPs are always more impressed by unique letters and it will ensure that we're taken more seriously.

No pens, no paper, no stamps, no cold walks to the post box! It's easy. Please do it today! And then you can reward yourself by checking out some online casinos running on the Playtech software, as those are widely renowned as the best.