How to get involved

All over the country you have been kick-starting the school dinners revolution.

It's sometimes difficult. Everyone needs to be on board: governors, teachers, parents, kitchen staff and kids. Be prepared for the challenge ahead. And it will be a challenge. Take it slowly and don't expect your revolution to happen overnight. And, most of all, enjoy it!

The Feed Me Better Starter Pack for Schools has now sold out. You can still have a peek and download some of the pack pages below.

Is your school already doing something?

New healthy dinners? Lessons about food and nutrition? Let us know what your'e doing at your school to feed your kids better.

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Tell us what you are up to

The FMB petition

The petition is now closed. We collected 271677 signatures over the past 6 weeks from the length and breadth of the country. Thank you, thank you.

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Calling all parents

We need you! By encouraging your kids, talking to school staff or just being clued up on all the issues, you're in a great position to make a difference.

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Talk to your MP

To get things changed for the better we need the politicians to sit up and listen and work for change on our behalf. Read how you can help with this.

Contact your MP now

Talk to your MP

Many of you have requested the recipes from the shows. We've created a section on Jamie's website that lists them all. And in family-sized portions too!

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Local authorities and catering suppliers

Want to find out more about how Greenwich changed things to switch the food to Jamie's recipes in their schools? They're hosting open days for local authorities and their catering suppliers. Click this link to find out more and register your interest.

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Understanding a schools meal contract

If you know exactly how the system works, it's going to be easier for you to work for change. Unfortunately, years of decline in the school meals sector has left the system in something of a tangle...

Local authorities and catering suppliers